Open into a practice

When I first started practicing yoga, it was the movement I liked the most. I stepped on my mat, moved through an exhausting asana practice and continued doing that a couple times a week. Often I would skip shavasana because I felt that I needed to go for a run afterwards. I was always on my way somewhere else and just stopped for a bit yoga. 

That is now nearly 10 years ago. When I look back at that time, yoga was definitely just a workout for me. I was only just starting to discover my breath and my body in ways I wasn't used to. I don't remember my practice particularly bringing joy and pleasure into my life. I can't remember feeling the quality of inner peace and calmness which seems to arrive so quickly to me as I practice now. Years have passed and the way I look at a practice has changed dramatically. I am very grateful for the experience and the teachers who have helped me on my journey.. 

Now, I have started to understand how to open towards my practice. To really feel that space in between a breath, thought and movement. To really increase the quality of my life in order to live my full potential. The friendship and practice of movement and meditation will continue. 

I hopefully can pass that on through my own teachings and light up other people who are at the beginning as I am. 

Full of Love Janet