Let us taste that gap

One of my early mornings I started reading about the 4 Noble Truths. I found myself carrying Rosie at 5am as we both couldn’t sleep. Rosie is about to get her first tooth and I can’t find much sleep with restless Baby laying next to me. I felt ´really exhausted and tired. All I wanted was to have a good night sleep. But as I read, it all made sense. I felt like suddenly, I understood what Dukha (a word from the Sanskrit) meant. Dukha describes suffering, dissatisfaction or pain”. The constantly repeated feeling that something is lacking or incomplete in our lives. Somehow things are not quite right or not quite enough. So we are always trying to fill that gap to make things right or to find that extra bit of pleasure or security. So to understand the truth of Dukha is actually to understand, except and confront suffering. We experience dissatisfaction all the time but somehow we schedule our lives in a way that never allows us enough time to actually taste its flavor. Let us taste that gap, even if it is 5am in the morning.


Love Janet