Being mindful in middle of chaos


For me it is not difficult to be mindful when I am in a cross-legged seat and about to start my yoga practice. It is not difficult to be mindful when I am walking on the beach or over the pretty bridges in Bern on a sunny day with a sleepy baby and a coffee in my hand. But often I ask myself how can I stay mindful in the chaotic situations that occasionally occur....When I have lots to do and not much time to do it, when I have a headache or I am freezing cold and hungry waiting for the tram...When I have an argument or I am angry or I struggle with something that has happened... I have no Idea. I know that we can practice and practice to start being mindful not only in our yoga class or in perfect situations. For me I will remind myself to also enjoy chaos with a moment by moment awareness of my thoughts and feelings.

Salute to all our chaotic situations!