Creating a habit

Since Rosalie was born I learned that there is not such a thing as time! I have hardly looked at the clock during these first few weeks of her life. There is no need, it is always the right time to nurse or changing diapers, cuddle or fall back asleep. She told me that it is always NOW. There is not such a thing as LATER.  So I was wondering how will I ever start my physical yoga practice again? 

I used to practice yoga always in the morning. Now I look forward to be able to have a shower instead. My physical Yoga practice is now separated throughout the day. A Down Dog just before nursing and a deep squat before lunch. Its not important anymore that it always has to be an hour. What matters is that even if you don't have any time during the day, create the habit to practice what is important for you.

I know we have all busy lifstyles wich gives us stability but it helps to create a habit so that you can continue something that is good for us.

See you soon!

Love Janet