Something new over and over

How fast each day, week, month passes away....I have realized how quick my life runs by when I look back at pictures from years ago. How can everything go so fast? Can I slow it down?

Sometimes I notice the inner voice in my head saying "oh I want that time back" or "I want to go though that again". I try desperately to remember the first few hours after Rosalie's birth and wish that time back. Until the other voice tells me stop!! There will simply be more and more of those special moments....just let go!!

Isn't our life time so precious? Isn't it incredible how many new amazing things come into our lives? Might it be finishing university, starting a new relationship, traveling the world, a special christmas or a new family member. I feel like watching a series of my own life when I look back...and somehow I am already waiting for the new episode to come out. Until then I will sit- breath & try to enjoy it all.

Love Janet