Routines to feel home


After 8 weeks of being a mum I can say I have now created my new little routines in my new life. Waking up around the same time- taking care for Rosalies needs- enjoying a coffee while I bounce Rosalie back asleep- rolling out my yoga mat or going for a nice swim. A routine I have realized, helps me to feel grounded, home and connected to the earth. They help me to move forward and enjoy life Also I noticed that that is my way to have control, so I know what comes next....Whenever I started new challenges in my life I often felt lost or insecure but now I realize that routines will always come back.

This routine we also see in our yoga practice. How do you feel when you have your Savasana at the end of you practice? Doesn't it give us the feeling of we finished something? I like to have a certain routine in my yoga practice exactly as I like to have a routine in my life. I am sure a routine can help us to center and stay in the flow.

What are your routines in life? 

Love Janet