Unconditional Trust & Mother- Infant bond

Recently I thought: How easy would life be if we could always have unconditional trust in it. If we could just rely on our intuition & natural instinct to deal with the big issues in our lives and leave the mind to figure out our daily tasks. Being less concerned in trying to understand everything that happens and just trusting that everything will work out for the best.

I would love to live more with the believe that everything is taken care for. That I can trust in things to be exactly how they are. But I often notice how my analytical mind is trying to take control. I read about a recent neuroscience study about what happens in our bodies when we trust. The research found that we produce oxytocin any time that we have trust in life, ourselves or other people.  The same hormone which is released as a mum when we breastfeed our baby. If we trust, we can build a bond. 

It is oxytocin that triggers the bond between a mother and an infant, and it may also play a role in recognition, sexual arousal, trust and anxiety. Some research shows that the hormone may affect addiction and stress as well.

It is amazing. Lets practice being more trusting and build those bonds!

Love & Trust



Open into a practice

When I first started practicing yoga, it was the movement I liked the most. I stepped on my mat, moved through an exhausting asana practice and continued doing that a couple times a week. Often I would skip shavasana because I felt that I needed to go for a run afterwards. I was always on my way somewhere else and just stopped for a bit yoga. 

That is now nearly 10 years ago. When I look back at that time, yoga was definitely just a workout for me. I was only just starting to discover my breath and my body in ways I wasn't used to. I don't remember my practice particularly bringing joy and pleasure into my life. I can't remember feeling the quality of inner peace and calmness which seems to arrive so quickly to me as I practice now. Years have passed and the way I look at a practice has changed dramatically. I am very grateful for the experience and the teachers who have helped me on my journey.. 

Now, I have started to understand how to open towards my practice. To really feel that space in between a breath, thought and movement. To really increase the quality of my life in order to live my full potential. The friendship and practice of movement and meditation will continue. 

I hopefully can pass that on through my own teachings and light up other people who are at the beginning as I am. 

Full of Love Janet


Life is transformation

Over the past years my yoga practice and teaching has changed so much. I can't believe that I was once practicing so physically hard. I ran, swam and did all types of workouts... I become tired just thinking of all the chaturangas and crazy poses I have done :) But at that time it made me happy. Just recently I asked myself how could that change so much? The only answer I found is that "life is transformation". How wonderful when we realize that we are always changing and other qualities will become more or less valuable at particular times. Of course I still play around and enjoy moving and working for a healthy body but somehow these days, I enjoy my life at a more gentle and relaxed pace. 


Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” —  The Bhagavad Gita.

Being mindful in middle of chaos


For me it is not difficult to be mindful when I am in a cross-legged seat and about to start my yoga practice. It is not difficult to be mindful when I am walking on the beach or over the pretty bridges in Bern on a sunny day with a sleepy baby and a coffee in my hand. But often I ask myself how can I stay mindful in the chaotic situations that occasionally occur....When I have lots to do and not much time to do it, when I have a headache or I am freezing cold and hungry waiting for the tram...When I have an argument or I am angry or I struggle with something that has happened... I have no Idea. I know that we can practice and practice to start being mindful not only in our yoga class or in perfect situations. For me I will remind myself to also enjoy chaos with a moment by moment awareness of my thoughts and feelings.

Salute to all our chaotic situations!




Let us taste that gap

One of my early mornings I started reading about the 4 Noble Truths. I found myself carrying Rosie at 5am as we both couldn’t sleep. Rosie is about to get her first tooth and I can’t find much sleep with restless Baby laying next to me. I felt ´really exhausted and tired. All I wanted was to have a good night sleep. But as I read, it all made sense. I felt like suddenly, I understood what Dukha (a word from the Sanskrit) meant. Dukha describes suffering, dissatisfaction or pain”. The constantly repeated feeling that something is lacking or incomplete in our lives. Somehow things are not quite right or not quite enough. So we are always trying to fill that gap to make things right or to find that extra bit of pleasure or security. So to understand the truth of Dukha is actually to understand, except and confront suffering. We experience dissatisfaction all the time but somehow we schedule our lives in a way that never allows us enough time to actually taste its flavor. Let us taste that gap, even if it is 5am in the morning.


Love Janet

Something new over and over

How fast each day, week, month passes away....I have realized how quick my life runs by when I look back at pictures from years ago. How can everything go so fast? Can I slow it down?

Sometimes I notice the inner voice in my head saying "oh I want that time back" or "I want to go though that again". I try desperately to remember the first few hours after Rosalie's birth and wish that time back. Until the other voice tells me stop!! There will simply be more and more of those special moments....just let go!!

Isn't our life time so precious? Isn't it incredible how many new amazing things come into our lives? Might it be finishing university, starting a new relationship, traveling the world, a special christmas or a new family member. I feel like watching a series of my own life when I look back...and somehow I am already waiting for the new episode to come out. Until then I will sit- breath & try to enjoy it all.

Love Janet 


I am back

Janet Maternity Yoga 04.jpg

After a 3 month break I am now coming back to teach. I noticed how amazing it is to have a break from something you really like to do. I realized that even teaching yoga can easily become just something daily on the schedule. Even though I try to inspire myself by visiting new workshops or listening to amazing spiritual talks, it somehow still becomes "normal". Having a longer break however has helped me to see why I like to do it so much and what it is about teaching that makes me happy. Everything I teach to others, I do to understand better for myself. I guess other jobs are the same. I have promised myself that if possible I will try and take longer breaks more often to come back to it, knowing exactly why!

Namasté Janet 


Routines to feel home


After 8 weeks of being a mum I can say I have now created my new little routines in my new life. Waking up around the same time- taking care for Rosalies needs- enjoying a coffee while I bounce Rosalie back asleep- rolling out my yoga mat or going for a nice swim. A routine I have realized, helps me to feel grounded, home and connected to the earth. They help me to move forward and enjoy life Also I noticed that that is my way to have control, so I know what comes next....Whenever I started new challenges in my life I often felt lost or insecure but now I realize that routines will always come back.

This routine we also see in our yoga practice. How do you feel when you have your Savasana at the end of you practice? Doesn't it give us the feeling of we finished something? I like to have a certain routine in my yoga practice exactly as I like to have a routine in my life. I am sure a routine can help us to center and stay in the flow.

What are your routines in life? 

Love Janet


Creating a habit

Since Rosalie was born I learned that there is not such a thing as time! I have hardly looked at the clock during these first few weeks of her life. There is no need, it is always the right time to nurse or changing diapers, cuddle or fall back asleep. She told me that it is always NOW. There is not such a thing as LATER.  So I was wondering how will I ever start my physical yoga practice again? 

I used to practice yoga always in the morning. Now I look forward to be able to have a shower instead. My physical Yoga practice is now separated throughout the day. A Down Dog just before nursing and a deep squat before lunch. Its not important anymore that it always has to be an hour. What matters is that even if you don't have any time during the day, create the habit to practice what is important for you.

I know we have all busy lifstyles wich gives us stability but it helps to create a habit so that you can continue something that is good for us.

See you soon!

Love Janet


Patience is not simply the ability to wait!!

Patience is not simply the ability to wait- it is how we behave while we are waiting.
— Joyce Meyer

We are still waiting for the arrival of our new family member, a new human being and friend. I noticed that being patient is not just the ability to wait for something. There are days where I feel really frustrated and can't wait so I find myself just wanting to hurry and rush through the day. And there are days where I realize nature has its own time and I embrace those days as really special moments. During my pregnancy I started writing a book to encourage woman to stay healthy and fit during their pregnancy. To keep on moving and enjoying what they love to do, without fear of doing something wrong. I can't wait to finish everything. 

Love & Patience 

Photo Nina Wüthrich (nina-photo.ch)

Photo Nina Wüthrich (nina-photo.ch)

Have more beginnings than endings

I am having a break for a while and I am facing a new challenge. Something I have no idea about how it will be and I am so excited. Something where I will discover a new kind of love. I am ready to move on to learn something new.
That also means I will miss my scheduled life. I can't wait to come back and teach classes. Until then you are always welcome to contact me janet@open-yoga.ch.

See you soon! Love Janet 

The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.
— Dave Weinbaum

Love nature

If you truly love nature, you will find love everywhere.
— Vincent Van Gogh

If you also went for a walk this weekend you might have seen the beauty in our nature. How amazing are the warm different colors around us. Nature gives us peace, joy, wonder and comfort. 
How often do we look with amazement at Nature?
This week pause a moment every day on your way to work and notice the beauty in mother earth.



What really matters in life?

Did you also aks yourself sometimes what really matters in life?

Keep in mind that all the things we always try to earn and get are ones gone or fallen apart.  But the effect we have on others is the most value things we can have in life. Take some time this weekend to ask yourself what is really important for you? You are ready and able to do positive things in this world.

open up for christmas

A time where we get a chance to listen to what is inside, where we are able to rest a bit and feel the loving energy around our family and friends. I think christmas time is a time where we opening to grace. One of the first principles in anusara yoga is opening to grace during our yoga practice. Christmas that time a year where you open up your heart to your family, friends or strange people on the street. It brings us often back to our roots. Enjoy that time an flow back into your childhood. 

We are all a part of the same circle

1. Wake up - realize in how many structures we live in. It starts in a structured school system and  ending up  with paying insurance to live how we supposed to live our life. Can we let go of some or does it gives us security? Stop domesticate your life and be wild.

2. Start going towards your purpose in life. We are here to serve other people, friends and family. How can we do that every day? If you haven't find your purpose in life think about how you make your part in the circle a better piece. 

3. Unconditional love. Tell people more often that you love them. Hug people. Love.

4. Finally understand that we are all a part of the same circle who everybody lives in. Invite people and create groups and enjoy company. Talk to strangers or invite random people :) 


Stop organizing your life- and create a no plan day every week

We turn into control freaks more and more…often we know exactly how our week is going to look like how crazy is that? Does it give us more stabilty? Why not being a bit chaotic, unorganized, spontanouse and out of control.
I see people turning into little robots and behaving so automatic and organized.
Create one day without any plans? How do you feel when you wake up in the morning and you have nothing to do the whole day? Isn't that great and bliss? 


We are never really alone in todays world

…always connected in contact on WhatsApp, Facebook and even in Yoga Classes always reachable everywhere for everyone!! What we often forget or perhaps don’t even think about at all is that we are more connected than we think.

For too long now, the idea of being alone has been cast in such a dark light, as though it is something to avoid. It’s never something we seem to chase or praise. However, that doesn’t always make us happy.

To be alone is to be strong and content with your life because you’ve grown and learned to be comfortable in no one else’s presence but your own. You are empowered by your solidarity.

There is nothing wrong with being alone; in fact, there are people who intentionally seek it out. In being or finding yourself alone, you have the time to think deeply about life and what you want out of it.


Daily practice to empty yourself

I can be anything, you see, because I am empty, I am nothing.
— tibetan quote

What fills you up every day? Conversations, E-Mails, full busses, fear, worries, stress and unhealthy nutritions?

I believe that we can use a regular practice of yoga, meditation, praying, writing, singing and more to empty our self. When we empty ourselves we let go of our ego and excessive zeal. We give up all our rules we take over during the day. In meditation, letting go is relatively simple. While sitting quietly or practicing wild asana, we let go of any thoughts that may arise in our awareness.

During this time of emptying we become transparent, clear and uncomplicated. We start a journey to discover ourselves. 


How to trust in okay-ness and enough-ness

We all know fear! All of a sudden fears stop us from following our dreams, from taking risks, from pursuing love, from seeking adventure, from speaking in public, from going into the unknown, from starting a new venture, from reveling in discomfort. We procrastinate, overeat, find distractions, because of fear. We are seized with constant worry, from fear.  When do you feel fear?

How can we get over this? How can we see fear without identifying? Here is the Key which works for me….

Why don't we see Fear like a cloud in the sky. Clouds are coming and disappearing. The cloud floats away, like anything else. It’s nothing to run from. It’s just a passing cloud.

Keep following your dreams even there are some clouds. Always step back into the sunshine and continue.  Watching the past and trusting in the okay-ness in Life. 

2 Minutes of the worlds attention

What would you say to the world if you would have 2 Minutes of the worlds attention?

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like there is something you should do, or at least something you should say… but you held it back?

Just imagine if you would be able to talk to more than 7 billions of people. What would be important for you to say to the world. What would you like people to know? Could you find the right words? 

How often do we get the chance to speak out what we think? 

Love & Speak out